Massage (Collins Gem)

by Collins (Author)
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Massage is one of the oldest and simplest therapeutic arts and its benefits have been long known. This Gem provides an accessible and practical guide.

Published in flexibinding, combining the durability of a hardback with the flexibility of the paperback, this Gem provides a valuable addition to the very successful range of Mind, Body, Spirit Gems.

Massage is a broad concept, spanning several different, sometimes complementary, touch-related therapies. Its psychological benefits have been long known as well as the genuine benefits regular massage promotes in the body.

Gem Massage will help strip away much of the mystique surrounding the topic, providing an accessible and encouraging introduction to what can be a confusing subject for the beginner while also providing further information for those who have more experience.

The book features detailed and illustrated how-to techniques for various areas of the body, with separate sections for the different massage types, where relevant. Over 200 colour photographs will illustrate the movements and techniques.

Publication date
November 06, 2014
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