The Wildlife-friendly Garden

by Michael Chinery (Author)
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Full of helpful expert advice and many practical projects, this ebook edition of the successful hardback is a fascinating illustrated guide to encouraging wildlife into your garden, whether you live in the town or the country.

Our gardens have become an important nature conservation area for animals, insects and plants, especially as many natural habitats are being destroyed. With the help of this practical and inspiring book, you can create not only a fascinating miniature nature reserve but also an attractive garden.

Contents include:

• The Garden Habitat – introducing wildlife-friendly features
• Garden Mammals – attracting, feeding and caring for mammals
• Garden Birds – the variety of birds you can attract to your garden and tips on how to care for them
• Garden Amphibians and Reptiles – encouraging these species and their role as pest destroyers

Projects and special features include:
– Creating a wildflower meadow or wildlife pond
– Looking after injured, baby and hibernating hedgehogs
– Making a bat roost or bat box, and siting it
– Making a compost heap

This popular title will inspire adults and children to transform their garden into a wildlife-friendly haven.

Publication date
July 10, 2014
Paper ISBN