BANANAGRAMS®: The Insider Secrets to Help you Become Top Banana! (Collins Little Books)

by Collins Dictionaries (Author), Deej Johnson (Author)
26 loans, One at a time

Discover the secret hints, tips and winning ways of the BANANAGRAMS® bunch! This little book contains the insider secrets to help you become Top Banana …

Packed with curious words and fascinating facts, the Collins Little Book of Bananagrams® is a treasure in itself. It's the perfect gift for word lovers and BANANAGRAMS® players of all ages the world over, and includes:

Dozens of proper nouns that you CAN play – in any word game!
Three ways to turn tiles that save VITAL seconds
How to use UK & US spellings to IMPROVE your game
The one thing you MUST do in your first move
19 games you can play with BANANAGRAM® tiles
The ESSENTIAL tip that buys time whenever you call "PEEL!"
A dictionary of WEORDS®: Weird Words That Win Word Games …

And DOZENS of other top tips to boost your BANANAGRAMS® playing power!

Over 6 million copies of the game sold.

Publication date
October 30, 2014
Paper ISBN