Nature’s Top 40: Britain’s Best Wildlife

by Mike Dilger (Author)
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From leaping dolphins to boxing hares, soaring eagles to the beat of a million wings – the British Isles offer some of the richest and most varied wildlife encounters in Europe. But how do you pick the must-see events?

Britain is one of the best wildlife spots in Europe and this is the best of the best – as voted for by a panel of naturalists from suggestions from the public via BBC TV, BBC local radio and the web.

Nature’s Top 40: Britain’s Best Wildlife is a definitive top-40 list of the UK’s most spectacular wildlife wonders. Based on the public’s recommendations, Mike Dilger gives a unique countdown of the UK’s 40 most remarkable sights, with tips on where and when to go, along with the fascinating stories behind each event – why it happens, what’s going on and how to get the very best view.

So what are Britain’s top 40 sights, and which one is top of the wildlife pops?

Chris Packham (Introduction author)
Publication date
September 04, 2014
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