by William Davis (Author)
26 loans, One at a time

Just as smart phones have transformed communication, the information and tools of undoctored, self-directed health changes the way we think about ourselves, how we achieve health and our relationship to healthcare. It will free you from the appointments, impersonality, neglect and expense of what is presently passed off as “healthcare.” You haven’t had leeches applied to your arms and legs to bleed you, but you have had to endure something only a bit better—only a little bit better. Them days are over.

Dr. Davis discusses the most common health conditions that are easily and safely amenable to the Undoctored Health approach and shows how you can take control of your health and fate—all self-directed, using resources that are within your reach (many of which you already have). The tools you can use don’t require drugs, medical procedures or the direct involvement of doctors or hospitals. The power you hold reaches far and wide into multiple aspects of your and your family’s health.

You can

  • reduce cholesterol and control blood pressure without medication;
  • squelch pre-diabetic blood sugars;
  • identify and correct thyroid problems;
  • craft a program to prevent or reverse osteoporosis;
  • engineer a cancer-reducing lifestyle and
  • amplify energy.

Share your experience with others, review the collective experiences of many other like-minded people and find new solutions to previously unsolvable problems, all without a doctor. And, as the new tools and revelations of this new age unfold, it’s just beginning.

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May 09, 2017
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