AP United States History 2017

by James Zucker (Author), Duane Ostler (Author), Nancy McCaslin (Author), Tomas Skinner (Author), Sujata Millick (Author), Sharon A Wynne (Author)
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The AP United States History exam is the most popular advanced placement exam with over a half million US students taking the exam each year. This Advanced Placement United States History covers all areas of the exam and includes 2 full sample tests with full explanations. Test questions were created by subject matter experts and former educators, who are familiar with the knowledge needed to successfully pass your AP U.S. History exams.

The study guide is broken into 5 sections

1. About the Advanced Placement US History Examination
2. Historical Thinking Skills
3. Time Period Summaries
4. Sample Test One
5. Sample Test Two

Focused Content - Study only the content on the test

- All areas summarized including 9 periods from 1491 - Present.
- Full preparation for short answer and source-based multiple-choice questions
- Help navigating long essay questions and document-based questions (DBQs)
- Expert

Test-taking Strategies and Advice

- Mr. James Zucker, AP Reader, has graded AP US History exams for 13 years and counting. He also is a consultant to the College Board for Advanced Placement exams.
- Specific advice for optimizing your time during the exam
- Understand what the graders are looking for in your essay responses

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April 01, 2016
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