by Sara Gottfried (Author)
26 loans, One at a time

Age is a number, aging is a choice

The scientific reality is that ninety per cent of the signs of aging and disease are caused by lifestyle choices, not genes. Why then do so many of us still feel destined for cellulite, saddle bags and belly fat? Why do we worry about the long line of Alzheimer’s, cancer and heart disease in our families? Why do we tolerate sagging skin, flagging energy and lowered libido as we grow older, writing them off as inevitable? We are not victims of our age. Our symptoms are both controllable and avoidable. There is a way to slow and even reverse the signs of aging, combat genetic illness, control and determine the expression of genes and improve health as we age.

We have the capability to overcome and transform our genetic history and tendencies. In Younger, Harvard/MIT-trained physician Sara Gottfried, MD, has created a revolutionary seven-week program that empowers us to make the critical choices necessary to not just look younger but also to feel younger and live longer.


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March 07, 2017
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