Eye of the Sun

by Dianne Hofmeyr (Author)
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In this exciting sequel to Eye of the Moon, Tuthmosis's brother, Amenhotep, struggles with the priests and his power-hungry young wife, Nefertiti. Ta Miu, who helped Tuthmosis and Isikara escape in Eye of the Moon, is now maidservant to Nefertiti's rival, Kiya. But when Ta Miu falls for tomb-robber, Samut, she finds herself imprisoned. Meanwhile Tuthmosis and Isikara return from Egypt in secret, sending rumours flying about the prince's intentions. Nefertiti is terrified that he is after her husband's throne, while the High Priest fears his secret will be revealed. Their hiding place betrayed by Samut, Isikara is captured and thrown into prison alongside Ta Miu, and Tuthmosis is murdered. Only Ta Miu and Isikara know the truth and unless they can escape, the guilty will go free...

Publication date
July 12, 2011
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