Antique Furniture (Collins Gem)

by Collins (Author)
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Collins Gem Antique Furniture is a guide to take with you to auctions or car boot sales for it provides a visual guide to identifying the age and style of furniture, combined with advice on caring, buying, and selling antique furniture.

This new Gem is produced in flexibinding, providing the durability of a hardback and the flexibility of a paperback. The stylish new cover design, this new Gem Antique Furniture will provide an essential friendly introduction to Antiques.

After an introductory section on periods and styles of furniture, and how to look after antique furniture this Gem looks at the main furniture types – chairs, tables, cupboards and so on – showing the detailed changes in style that happens over the years – for example, much can be learnt from understanding the changing shape of chair legs to help you date a chair.

An introduction to identifying antique furniture through understanding the key features of pieces of furniture

Guidance on the care and repair of furniture and advice on buying and selling

Lavishly illustrated with photographs to help identification

Publication date
January 31, 2017
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