Love Earth Now

by Cheryl Leutjen (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

How to live sustainably in an unsustainable society—and not let the world discourage your spirit.
Do you find yourself wondering what on Earth you can do about the very serious environmental challenges we face on our planet today? Do you worry there’s nothing any one person can do that will make a difference? Most people say that they would like to do something to make the world a better place, but they just don’t believe they have the time, energy, money, or power to make a real difference.
Love Earth Now invites us to explore our own thoughts and feelings about the challenge, and to check in with internal guidance about the waste and negative environmental impacts we see on a daily basis. While most of us can’t stop the Arctic icepack from melting, we can decide to make better choices like avoiding excessive packaging with our purchases, walking more and driving less, planting organic veggies in the front yard instead of a water-wasting lawn, and even going as green as possible at work and at home. Does your office lack a recycling and composting program? Do the research and start one yourself! Each chapter concludes with a “Diving In” section, a simple and immediate exercise, much like a guided meditation, to prompt us toward our own sustainable solutions.
By practicing eco-mindfulness, we can discover that one thing we can do to make a difference today and for all our tomorrows. This is not only a source of inspiration but a sourcebook of direct actions—large and small—we can all take to ensure our children and their children’s children have a healthy future on this planet. Drawing from her experiences as an engineering geologist, environmental law attorney, small shop owner, and mindfulness practitioner, Cheryl Leutjen also reminds us about the importance of simplicity—and how all our possessions and the constant shopping for more are no better for us than they are for the planet itself, contributing to landfills and a tech-tethered society that is increasingly isolated. Both helpful and hopeful, Love Earth Now is brimming with creative suggestions that will get us closer to a sustainable lifestyle, one day at a time.

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January 05, 2019
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