801 Action Verbs for Communicators

by Anne Hart (Author)
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801 Action Verbs is for communicators, career developers, educators, students, journalists, editors, job-seekers, travelers, resume-writers, novelists, and speakers. Each set of the same 801 action verbs appear in English and several other languages.

Position yourself with action verbs. Write resumes using action verbs for career advancement. Use action verbs for writing and journalism projects.

Action verbs appear in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, and Russian. Write your resume or state your credentials in several languages. Or use the verbs in public speaking or in your writing projects from novels to instructional materials.

801 Action Verbs for Communicators gives you the opportunity to look up the verbs in several languages. Mix and match numbers to compare the verbs. Play word games.

Use action verbs on your resume or in your writing or speaking to enhance your skills and action-verbs vocabulary. Use the verbs in different languages or in English to enhance verbal games, or for writing resumes, or communications. Position yourself or your projects first with action verbs that move you right along. They're there because they show the way you took action. Take them along on your travels in any language or send your resume or manuscript around the world.

Publication date
May 12, 2004
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