The Spirit Guide

by Rick Evans (Author)
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Many Christians have had supernatural experiences. Why? How? What?

The best way to explain how it all fits together is to follow someone on their journey and to witness the causes and effects. This is a book that takes a young teenager through their questions and safely provides answers to both teenager and parent readers alike. May you and your family be blessed by this novel.

I do ask that you read responsibly, as the story is high paced, captivating, practical and backed up with scripture where necessary. I have included reviews from some of those who worked through the book with me. In this story, real life can be safely seen through the windows of the eyes of those who have experienced it.

Benjamin Turner, not your average teenager, discovers he can interact with the spirit world. He finds that what he has been told is true, isn't the whole truth. Benjy makes contact with a spirit guide, who leads him deeper into the world he was promised by so many, but could never experience; But alas!

No one warned him just what he might find.

Benjy and Shirley explore this and make discoveries that change their lives.

It is an exciting set of events, smoothly flowing, yet deliciously unpredictable, humorous and surprising, yet altogether real. One gets the sense you are living this life, feeling the experiences and sometimes even unlocking similarities in your own experiences. Real life has the ability to do strange things, and so too this book takes u-turns down unexpected alleys of real life.

Insight into relationships between teens and their spiritual aspirations, desires, and the realities they wrestle with daily, come to life. The book has been described by many of those who have reviewed it as an easy read, Taking you into the realm of the supernatural and tugging at your heart strings.

In terms of content, reviewers of this book have been selected from people who have walked this road, either as parents of, or teens like Benjy, Shirley, George and Candy. Each agreed on the accuracy of the truth behind the story line. The unasked questions, together with answers from personal experience, are woven into the novel.

Publication date
September 23, 2009
Paper ISBN

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