Which Church Did Jesus Christ Say He Is Returning For?

by Rick Evans (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

This book consists of three distinctly different parts

PART 1 This book is for the easy reader as well as the enquiring mind. It can be read in 1 hour or it could take 1 year. No matter which way you read it you will never be the same again. There is no doubt that you will both understand the cosmic plan unfolding as well as your current and potential role in it. The lines which are so often blurred by religious leaders in today's world are crisply and finitely drawn in the Word of God. This book exposes the lines God has drawn and dares anyone who chooses a different view point to contradict His scriptures.

PART 2 A further gem in the book is a theatrical production which gives insight into our spiritual nature and how the cosmic plan of redemption provided by Jesus Christ plays out in our spiritual and physical experiences. This is a mind-blower. This could be produced at Sunday school level or even by a professional team. There is scope for your own creativity- Enjoy

PART 3 Finally if you ever wondered what God says to his children, a conversation between the author and God has been recorded. God's heart is exposed and you might need to hear this message too.

For You!

If you feel that God is talking to you about getting this book then do not let Satan stop you. One thing is sure, you did not come by these words by accident. God may want you to pass this information on to someone else. Stay sensitive to the Holy Spirit and write down where you got this information from. God will lead you further on this His precious gift of an adventure- Your Life. If I never see you this side of Heaven, I pray I meet you there... Rick

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September 23, 2009
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