My Word Shall Guide Thee

by Daniel A.R. Wright (Author)
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My Word Shall Guide Thee contains the radical, revolutionary thought of Daniel Wright which was received by voice, vision and dream. "Eat the book", "Temple Worship", "Kingdomism" and other new writings provide a pure form of worship and a "polit-theo" lifestyle where all of humanity can live in peace and harmony. Beginning in the early 1950's, Daniel committed these revelatory ideas to paper. The original articles were typed, mimeographed, xeroxed, sent around the country and passed by word of mouth.

In l966, Daniel founded Padanaram Settlement in southern Indiana. It is a utopian, idealistic society dedicated to equal education, philosophical analysis, social idealism, economic independence, and religious non-denominationalism. Its thriving businesses, stewardship of the land, and its youth assure its continuity today.

In the preface of "Utopian Concepts for Social Revolution", Daniel writes:

"These are some of my memoirs of my experiences, actualencounters with the Heavenly Host. It is to me a unique reservoir of awakening thoughts basic to the continuity of the human family. It explains the 'why' behind the visible, contains an expose' on false religions, the reason of political abortions, proposes concepts for sound economic security, and guides the 'seeker for truth' past many pitfalls. It is progressive in content of insight and thought."

Publication date
June 04, 2007
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