The Church of the Free Mind

by Azazel Rama (Author)
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Azazel Rama is a poet and artist from the San Francisco Bay Area who has been tapped into the spirit realm for the past 20 years. After dropping out of the Bay Area underground, he has finally decided to share with the world his unique understanding of the astral plane and the curious inhabitants therein. This large volume presents a poetic and lively take on magical theory and modern Occult philosophies, while disclosing some of the authors more personal experiences with aliens and other denizens of the spirit world. The text gets deep into the symbolisms of our collective unconscious, revealing a truly interconnected understanding of 'natural morals', while at the same time delivering tongue-in-cheek anti-theist arguments sprinkled with a dark and sometimes satanic sense of humor.In the spirit of Ragnar Redbeard's 'Might Is Right', (the legendary text aptly quoted in Anton LaVey's 'The Satanic Bible') these encoded grimoires are a wild and winding map of a deeper conscious nature. Sometimes ranting, and often a bit mad (were all a bit mad), the information is sprinkled with esoteric poetry and symbolic illustrations, building into a climax that might come as a bit of a surprise! Chaos magician, urban shaman, synchromystic, or perhaps a member of a secret orders or sect? Azazel Rama remains a mystery to the modern spiritual community, and a rebel against many popular and accepted ideals. Come inside and join The Church Of The Free Mind where you will be taken on a wondrous ride through the multiverse of our collective lives!BACK COVER COPY:Welcome to a world of subversive literature filled with magical wisdom and the decoding of the occult. In this volume, author Azazel Rama explores the ancient secrets of astral travel and reveals a doorway to the multiverse of endless potential. He then reveals how the heretical views of science and nature can slay the dragon of religion with common sense. This is not a self-help seminar filled with happy sunshine, nonsense codes, and false rainbows; this is a journey into the forbidden. The Church of the Free Mind has opened its gates, and within this Holy Temple no messiah shall be said to exist.Written as a diatribe against words, this is the true philosophy of a snake swallowing its own tail. Behold the self-consuming god that exists within the flesh and souls of all living beings. Embark upon a spiritual exploration of a higher order of freedom as it relates to an unconsciously connected society of human animals, and learn the moral codes of Mother Nature as she echoes a sense of natural law through the depths of our collective being. This collection of essays proposes a way to enter a new cycle of human understanding.

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April 10, 2014
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