An Attorney's Guide to the Collection of Bad Debts: 3Rd Edition

by Robert L. Lewis (Author), Abraham J. Perlstein (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

An Attorneys Guide to the Collection of Bad Debts is meant to give readers a broad overview of debt-collection techniques, as well as to inform them of some popular debt-collection techniques used by attorneys. The reader should consider this book a type of debtcollection techniques catalog.

We authored this third edition so that it can be read easily and quickly during a days commute to and from work. This second edition also contains revised copies of sample legal forms used to facilitate the collection of bad debts.

After reading this book, you will become aware of certain collection techniques, so that you can make an informed discussion with an attorney about potential options available to you.

This book is not to be considered legal advice, and is meant for general information purposes only. This book is not a substitute for the advice of legal counsel.

Publication date
October 09, 2013
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