Parent’S Dental Handbook

by Reina Marica V. Arias (Author)
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Have you noticed your child losing his appetite lately or having a sore tummy after every meal? Does your child let you help him with tooth brushing or do you often end up fighting? Put your worries to an end with this friendly and practical reading material created specifically for parents, like you, who have been struggling to assist their children with dental health needs such as daily toothbrushing, good eating habit and regular dental visit.This guidebook offers:delightful poems and simple facts on dental healtha colourful short story for children on the effects of frequent snacking12 dos and donts of supporting a child on his dental visita special dental diary for parents and child to keepPresented in a funny and entertaining way, this book has been reviewed by many and is found to increase parents appreciation of dental health and the role it has to play in achieving a healthy life. Likewise, it helps parents and children overcome their dental anxieties and start viewing dental clinics as dreadful places no more but as homes kept by the gentle and gracious toothfairies.

Publication date
August 18, 2014
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