How You Can Be an Awesome Grandpa

by James Gooch (Author)
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Memorable moments! What will be foreverremembered by your grandchild whenthey look back at time spent together? HowYou Can Be an Awesome Grandpa presentsa collection of ideas, suggestions, techniques, experiences, and thoughtsthat can make anyones experience as a grandpa more successful andrewarding. From learning to give your grandchild meaningful complimentsto fi nding activities that help to build his or her self-esteem, author JamesGooch offers several techniques that are designed to create strongerrelationships between grandpas and their grandchildren.

Gooch interviewed many grandpas and grandchildren in order to gathertheir wisdom; in this helpful guide, he shares the answers to the questionshe asked during their interviews. From these suggestions, the blueprintof a respected, honored, and fun grandpa has emerged. Stories fi lledwith cherished memories and successful techniques for building betterrelationships blend with humor and sadness to help you understand yourrole as a grandfather.

Take advantage of the experiences of others who have created fantasticmemories to help you master being a grandpa. Anybody can be agrandfather, but it takes someone special to be an awesome grandpa.

Publication date
October 06, 2014
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