Back to the Future of Marketing

by Georgios Kotsolios (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Based on the authors past and present professional experiences, this book takes readers on a journey to the future of retail marketing after thoroughly examining and dissecting a number of theoretical, yet highly relevant and plausible scenarios as to the evolution of marketing and its various disciplines. Using the advent of technology as the catalyst for the cataclysmic changes professed in his book, together with a series of real-life examples most marketeers and PR professionals would find easy to associate and empathise with, his writing resonates with anyone having the faintest of interests in shopping as a consumer, albeit focusing heavily on the retail and marketing sectors from a professional career standpoint.Readers who service the PR industry will find it irresistible, marketeers will certainly be thought-provoked and challenged while retailers may find it riveting, familiar, insightful and informative. With strong and creative analogies from the world of football, readers with an interest in the sport will attain higher levels of message comprehension and literally satisfaction. Straddling between fact and fiction as it seamlessly and effortlessly oscillates between business and football narratives, his writing brings to life an exciting new genre of book that deserves your attention.

Publication date
February 12, 2014
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