Women, Peace, and Security

by Shamim Aleem (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

God created man and woman equally. It is not that woman is inferior to man. Man and woman differ is physique, woman is delicate, man is physically strong, and this gave an upper hand to man. Might is Right was always the order of the day. It led to the open violence against woman. Woman could not raise her voice, could not protest, for the sake of the fear of being thrown out of the house. It was the feeling of insecurity that compel woman for subordination. Man wanted to maintain the status quo and was not willing to change in favor of woman. It took ages to convince that, to deny woman the rights she deserves is not only the violation of Human Rights but the main cause of world poverty.The U. N. O. and other international agencies have been trying hard to pass on this message to the community at large. Most of the countries have agreed to commit themselves to this new philosophy. But there is a big gap between preaching and practice. It is easy to amend the laws but difficult to bring an attitudinal change. This is the challenge, the world is facing today. Our efforts should be to bring this change as smoothly as possible. Woman has to come forward to take up this challenge. But she has to be very calculative in her struggle for achieving these objectives, without disturbing the peace.

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September 12, 2013
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