The Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation (Mtdc)

by John F. Hodgman (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

When traditional manufacturers began leaving Massachusetts in the 1970s, politicians faced a daunting task: How could they revive a flagging economy?

They responded by starting their own venture capital firm to help finance the launch of innovative, technology-based companies. The Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation would create thousands of new, high-paying jobs.

John F. Hodgman, who retired as president and CEO of MTDC in 2001, shares an insiders tale of how the unique public-private partnership achieved financial successexplaining why the MTDC was created and tracing its history over two decades.

Along the way, he explores the changing patterns of technology start-ups and private venture capital, and how MTDC-funded companies revolutionized their fields. Moreover, he shares case studies of entrepreneurs who tellin their own wordshow the MTDC helped them succeed.

Grab a seat at the intersection of public policy, politics, and business and learn valuable lessons about investing, leadership, and entrepreneurship by studying the inner workings of The Massachusetts Technology Development Corporation.

Publication date
May 11, 2015
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