Enterprise Mobility Breakthrough

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This book is a breakthrough for beginners and intermediates of enterprise mobility. Scholars, executives, and experts can major scale and scope of enterprise mobility for a thirst of knowledge. This book is an independent view on enterprise mobility, which is beneficiary to business heads, technical architects, project managers, analysts, system administrators, project leads, and developers for enterprise mobility, design, development, support, and maintenance. The book has been classified in seven sections. Section one introduces enterprise mobility with definition, objective, focus areas, needs, and challenges of enterprises. Section two details enterprise mobility ecosystem, landscape, and maturity model. Enterprise mobility is surrounded with technical acronyms and terminologies (EMM, EAS, MAM, MDM, MCM, and MEM). Section three provides concept and detail of EMM. Section four emphasizes on technology. This section describes leading mobile platforms, form factors, and type of mobile applications. Section five traverses through enterprise mobile application information flow, architecture, layered structure, and other components. It inspects popular and important architecture ingredients (Push Notification, SSO, mBaas, SOA, and MEAP). Section six shares mobility trends like mobile first, gamification, IOT, and hybrid. Last section seven is a case study for enterprise mobile solution. Finally, appendix section supplements RIX: Best Practices for enterprise mobility pathway.

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9 de marzo de 2015
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