School for My Child

by Pramod Maithil (Author)
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Lets assume we want a child to learn to climb a ladder.
Most conventional learning methods detail how the child
should lift her/his leg and put it on the first step. We may
also design an activity to balance on one leg.
Provided a ladder, young children always tempted to climb
if not I would suggest creating something which motivate
her to climb up the ladder (you may place a flower up there
or so). She would then try different ways to reach the top
of the ladder. In the process, she learns to climb the ladder
on her own. An adult could be around to help, if needed.
The adult may even climb the ladder, to excite and show the
child how its done. The point is, learning to climb a ladder
is not objective for the child but the child wants to go up
this learning is just a by-product of all his/her efforts.
Anand Niketan Democratic School (ANDS) is an attempt of this Natural Learning Environment by organizing resources, design contextual activities which motivate children to experiment with the skill and information and the democratic education to achieve inclusion in schools. ANDS made a successful attempt to create the pedagogical alternative for education at elementary level which I would like to name it - Natural Learning Model.
The Author Mr.Pramod Maithil, born in 1975, did his post graduation in Mathematics. He has been in educational research and teaching for about 15 years with Eklavya MP and a School of Krishmurti Foundation of India. He started a school with a difference. This book is his learning journey of the school.

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