Lakes and Wetlands

by S. Vasudevan (Author)
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Lakes and wetland basins enjoy many imperative values for humans. They supply water for domestic and other uses; and they serve as habitats for important food species comprising various forms of aquatic life and supporting the earths biodiversity. The book has eminent itself by incorporating the standalone research papers focusing on the variables in lakes and wetlands with the wide coverage from fundamental features of all aquatic systems to the details of processes and applications. The book will supports the readers to acquire an understanding regarding morphometry, water quality and hydrology, sediment characteristics, aquatic eco system, phytoplanktons, Ostracod and Foraminifers, heavy metals in mangroves and pollution threat to the coasts. The book includes the recent works and the conclusions are supported by authors original data at the end of each part. These features makes this book fascinating and requisite to graduates, researchers and decision makers of the wetland resources in different parts of the World.

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March 30, 2015
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