Behind the White Curtains

by Tola (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

This is a representative yet intriguing story of the state of the power, hegemony, and economic considerations overshadowing humility, scholarship, and the quest for excellence. The outwardly pseudo-noble progress of the learning sector is in reality a downfall, where greed and compulsions to maintain an empire overpowers all values, ethics, and morals. This also is a story of Maya, who is a victim and witness to this downfall.

After opening its floodgates to private enlightening players, recognizing opportunity at the right time, an instructor jumps in to liberalize learning! More establishments under the ambit, more students, more establishments, more courses. And to manage all this, Royal-Mans children step in.

Thus begins the power game of keeping everything within the family, not very different from a godfather running a mafia! Naturally, only sycophants and non-scholars can survive. In this game, nothing matters but power and money. Royal-Man, blinded by his weakness for the family, has to compromise the very principles and values that he believed at one time when he entered the noble field! As a result, the focus on quality, service, and outreach is completely lost.

When Royal-Man feels the power is slipping from his hands, he begins the process of elimination. Everybody is under surveillance. Everyone must concede with what he says, else you are eliminated. Nobody will be spared. This is the epitome of intolerance to any other thought, and the fascist traits surface.

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September 08, 2015
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