Unraveling Time

by Kaven Manirajah (Author)
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The 36/9 is a timing system that improves upon our current 24/7 system. At first glance, this system does nothing more than shrink our lengthy year to a shorter time frame, but a deeper analysis would prove otherwise. This 36/9 is not aimed at our yearly perception but works down to a quantum scale both physically and mentally. For the physical aspect of the 36/9, by increasing each minute and second to a larger frame, we have more space to explore and increase our precision. Now for the mental effect of this system, by reducing the length of time experienced by the brain, we can increase our rate of information processing. This simple alteration of our time system is the key toward our search for the truth behind creation and the hidden wonders of the universe, such as extra dimensions. In short, the 36/9 has been designed so that our society can be elevated to its next stage of development.

Publication date
March 10, 2015
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