Coaching to Win

by Jane Pierce (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Sam, a parts manager for a major auto brand, has finished a tough week: his team missed its targets for a third straight quarter, and a star performer walked into his office and quit.

This isnt how he envisioned his life would be after working twenty-five years to become the manager of the companys largest parts warehouse in the country. But hes not alone.

Managers everywhere are finding that old-school coaching practices dont work anymore. But not all of them are as lucky as Sam, who starts using the tools he acquires through the Coaching to Win program.

Sam discovers previously untapped talent in his people and transforms the warehouse, and soon his job satisfaction is off the charts. More importantly, his team starts to make its numbers, and the company is happy.

Sams journey requires him to take an honest look at his leadership style and adopt new ways of thinking. Join him and learn the proven formula that will help you develop people, boost leadership skills, and write your own happy ending.

Publication date
April 17, 2015
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