Investing in Financial Markets Is Not a Rocket Science

by Balaji Rao D G (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Apart from being literate it is also important to be financially literate because 2/3rd of our lives is spent on earning, spending, saving and investing, for ourselves and for others. Given the uncertain times that we live in depending on bank fixed deposits, gold and/or real estate to build our wealth or reach our financial goals would be a futile attempt. It is time that we start looking beyond the obvious and start educating ourselves with the all important knowledge of managing our finances by understanding the opportunities. If we ignore or shy away from acquiring such knowledge there would be no one to blame except ourselves. There are several myths, misconceptions, prejudices and fear surrounding various asset classes that includes stocks, mutual funds and insurance which this book, stories weaved through conversational mode, endeavours to clear the haze by offering clarity over financial instruments answering several critical questions and can confidently say the content would enhance the knowledge on various financial products and services that is presented through lots of examples explained using simple language. The content can also be treated as a self-help book on simplifying the investment knowledge. The final outcome after reading the book would be the feeling of being an informed investor.

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April 15, 2015
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