Thinking Physics This Way

di Kapur Mal Jain (Autore)
Prestiti illimitati, Uno alla volta

The book gives an account of the inspirations that initiated the enquiry into the physical world and its evolution as a discipline. Simultaneously, it motivates the reader to step ahead with a little dismay to undertake a journey in the astonishing world of physics. It starts with the observation of nature and posits the questions which kept perplexing the mind of great physicists of our time. In finding answers, it verily explores the relationship of the observer with the object. And while so doing it catapults the readers into the bizarre world of natural laws, equations, hypothesis, and theorems. The presentation reserves its difference unlike books published these days in the treatment of the subject without involving mathematics or without making tall claims of seeking wishful comparison between science and religion. On the other hand, it paves way to a systematic shift from traditional approach to newer and broader similarities between physical and the mental realities. This effort gleans out a humane paradigm from where we see our known world in new light. Therefore, it asks for a limpid mind to welcome one into the world of physics. This book presents physics not only as technology booster but also as life builder.

Data di pubblicazione
13 gennaio 2015
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