Print Journalism

by Charanjit Ahuja (Author), Bharat Hiteshi (Author)
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Welcome to the world of journalism!

There are not many books that can serve as useful guides to the students of journalism and more so for students of print journalism. In fact, as one involved in teaching of journalism alongside working as a full-time journalist, we felt that teaching at journalism schools was completely bereft of practise and there was more emphasis on theoretical part. It is this lacuna that two of us with experience of working with national dailies have tried to fill.

This book is a complete book of print journalism as authors have devoted special chapters on print journalism, what news is, news reporting, feature and middle writing, writing of headlines and intros, inverted-pyramid style of writing, developmental journalism, investigative journalism, business journalism, glossary of newspaper terms, press laws and self-regulation, structure and departments of a newspaper, and yoga and spirituality for more positivity in mass media.

Written in an easy-to-understand manner, this book can do wonders for you and would be your companion for years to come.

All the best!

Charanjit Ahuja and Bharat Hiteshi

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March 17, 2016
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