Models-Based Teaching:

by Sasmita Mohanty (Author)
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The rapid advancement of science and technology and increasing need for scientists and technologiests have made it all the more important to provide for science based education in the schools. Now science has been recognised as a compulsory right from the elementary stage and now one of the core subjects at Higher Secondary Stage, which helps the pupils to gain a basic quantum of scientific knowledge as a part of his general education. As science education develops well defined abilities and values such as the spirit of enquiry, creativity, objectivity, the courage to question and an aesthetic sensibility in the child, it occupies an important place in our curriculum. But, it has been realised that our primary school children are unable to do expected result in science. Several factors may be responsible for low achievement of students, but one of the most important factor is the application of ineffective teaching strategies by the teacher. Hence, there is the requirement of adoption of new, effective and efficient teaching strategies by the sicence teachers.This book is an attempt to highlight the effectiveness of models of teaching in the development of concept and achievement of primary school students in science

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February 05, 2016
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