Pranayam Khel Khel Mein

by Pramila Iyer (Author)
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Seeking joy is inherent in humans.
Joy has different dimensions based on so many factors like our social status, availability of resources, our health, our age, our station in our life and many more...naturally joy has many variables.
Beneath these variables in just one factor life or breathing. Only a living person can experience joy or sorrow...and not a dead man.
Thus, our almost unconscious breathing is the only important factor which unfortunately is hardly recognized by us.
Many times we sigh and say : be a child again...
Why have we lost our childhood?
Is it because we have seen many sunsets and sun rises?..
May be not..
For our mind is either stuck in the past or tucked in the future...
Having fun with our life i.e. our breath brings back at least a few hours of our childhood..
especially if narrated in a story form..
that is what the book is all about ...
When action and story is combined , you are physically and emotionally involved. This beautiful combination transports you to the world of Pranayam khel khel mein >(English translation of the title is roughly like this.... playful pranayam or playful breathing exercise ).
Even if you are not a sportsperson or health care giver or a doctor, you still will appreciate how any action can give us health benefit in natural way...more so, when the action is synchronized with our incoming and outgoing breath - be it flying action of a bird, a dog barking in the road, or a lion roaring in the jungle .
Is it not real fun learning from the vast kingdom belonging to animals and birds?
Still not able to believe?...
Read it...
Do it!...
And most importantly, benefit by it!

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August 12, 2015
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