Counselling Without Offense

by Samson Gandhi (Author)
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Counselling Without Offense reflects the compassion and concern of our Lord Jesus towards all suffering humanity, irrespective of their faith. Principles of psychology, guidelines to counsellors, the personal experiences of Dr. Samson Gandhi, and the Truth are beautifully and sensitively interwoven to make this book equally inspiring to all counsellors no matter where they are on their journey as counsellors. An extremely readable book which will grace any counsellors library . . . I could not put it down, once I had started reading it.

Dr. Veena Easvaradoss, Associate Professor and Head, Department of Psychology, Womens Christian College, Chennai, India

Samson Gandhi writes as though he is at your side sharing insights with you. He peppers the book with real life situations and examples to bolster the points he makes. A must-read for all Christian counsellors. This pragmatic and sharp book thrilled my heart! Go ahead, read, pray and with Gods help counsel without offense!

Dr. Anthony David, MD, Professor and Head, Physiology, Anna Medical College & Research Center, Mauritius

Counselling Without Offense is an excellent book written by Samson Gandhi to show that a Christian and a non-Christian face similar problems and the solution lies in knowing the truth as the Truth holds the key to set them free. By saying our goal is counselling and not converting he removes the unnecessary pressure from the counsellor. This book is a must for all counsellors.

Stanley Mehta, Senior Pastor, Bombay Baptist Church, Mumbai

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April 17, 2015
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