Inspire a Teacher Within

by Dr. Ashok Patel (Author), R.H. Dave (Author)
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The author (PhD in Education), is associate professor in education college. He wrote more than thirty educational books. He is a columnist in daily newspaper. Through this, he tries to enhance the educational performance and different roles of teachers, principals, students, parents, government, and society at large.

In this book, author has shared his perceptive observations and experiences with twenty-six titles on teachers.

There has always been a perennial question: Who is a successful teacher? This issue is examined for millennia in the world by different cultures and civilizations. But the answer to it is neither static nor constant; it changes with time due to the waves of changes in society, economy, philosophy, psychology, technology, and such other forces. Author has ventured this book to examine various characteristic features of an effective and committed teacher.

There are increasingly more teachers and principals who have to tackle the problems of expansion of education at all stages and concurrently raise quality, creativity, value-orientation practical skills, and excellence. In this context, the present book is extremely valuable in progressing toward this goal. This book guides to become ideal teacher and principal, what they have to do or not to do.

The book will be useful, not only to teachers and principals, but also to teacher-educators, teacher-trainees and others involved in the field of education.

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February 17, 2015
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