You Must Be Kidding Dr. Supratic Gupta

by Prakash Chandra (Author), Supratic Gupta (Author)
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You must be Kidding Dr. Supratic Gupta!
Want to change the world?
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We all want a better world for our children,
In pursuit of Happiness and Success.

The lopsided and inequitable development of Indian society has prodded an IIT faculty to initiate a journey of explorations and observations, through the maze of complex socio-cultural and systemic issues. It led to some new innovative concepts, touching the roots of complex human problems. The new approach was based upon his life experiences, including 12 years exposure to far eastern society. The problem lies in the rigid and outdated structures, systems, attitudes, research and educational systems.

The suffering of children pursuing sports, music and dance in formal education system, and their post retirement life, led to the realization that children choosing sports, music and dance should have a complete separate curriculum of communication, science and mathematics, which will make a person complete entertainer and balanced personality. The authors have proposed to give more importance to flexibility exercise in childhood, counselling of adolescent and youth, a holistic child care system, and more scientific way of thinking. A series of portals controlled by public participation and involvement to assist the sports and research in India is also proposed.

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November 12, 2015
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