Ask and You Shall Receive

by Pierre Morency (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Ask and You Shall Receive faces complicated questions head-on, using a potent combination of insights from physics, natural human curiosity, and grounded experimentation to subject the standard perceptions of the world to rigorous testing. The results promise to transform the views one holds of the world, money, and work. The outcome of this taska kind of conceptual electroshockconvincingly demonstrates the reality of the Garden of Eden and the basic insight that knowing exactly what one wants is the key to obtaining it.
Ask and You Shall Receive presents its approach and discoveries in four sections that introduce the topic, examine the scientific principles of success, describe the actions to take, and explain the laws of the Tao of business. Along the way, a number of questions arise for consideration and response:
Why should one say no to security in order to increase revenue?
Why should one work no more than thirty-five hours per week?
Why should children educate their parents?
Why does one use ones spine as an antenna?
Why should one test, test, and test again?
If these questions capture your attention, if you want to achieve clarity about what you desire and to obtain the objects of those desires, and if you want to know the truth about your life and its place in the world, then Ask and You Shall Receive will serve as your guide. You can answer your questions and attain your goals.

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July 29, 2015
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