Twenty-First Century Advanced Chemistry

by Harminder Gill (Author)
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Twenty-First Century Advanced Chemistry has been written for those who seek a higher level of understanding of the general principles or fundamentals covered in a first year level chemistry course. The material covers topics from general chemistry and portions of organic chemistry at a higher level. A strong background in algebra is needed to understand the mathematical equations presented in this book. The goal of sharing such valuable information is to continue to inspire those who seek to contribute to the field of sciences. Topics in science can change or evolve over time with new discoveries being published in journal articles. If we are going to continue the journey to such important ideas, then we need to have a firm grasp of the fundamentals. Twenty-five chapters are included in this book with new chapters or perhaps partially covered in a first year chemistry course. These include chapters on earths chemistry, chemistry of art, and cosmetic chemistry. The three chapters were included so we can have a better understanding about the chemistry that takes place on our precious planet, a background understanding of art since we are so much attracted to the visual world, and important information for those who purchase and use cosmetics to take care of themselves. The material in this book can change over time, but it is more likely the fundamentals will remain the same. I invite you to explore how great chemistry is as a science and its impact on how it has improved and will continue to improve the quality of our lives for the future.

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June 26, 2015
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