Learning Enablers Manual

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This book is about the age range from eight years to fourteen years old. It takes the reader from the more inward seven-year-old, to the expansive eight-year-old, and then into the nine-eleven-thirteen-fifteenyear age range that alternates inward and outward, moody and expansive, in the young person. All through these ages, they are learning, and this manual has additional ideas for each age and stage, plus materials for teachers and group leaders. Too much information (TMI) is thrown at these ages about what it means to be a teenager or tweenager. Some handle this information overload and transition period by withdrawing and becoming crabby. However, regardless of social and emotional issues, their learning abilities are still sharp and keen and welcome the more ideas in these manual activities that are sequenced by age level. These enablers only take a few minutes at a time and can boost vocabulary and knowledge categories for young people, especially with the Around the World section.

Publication date
April 28, 2015
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