by Donald R. James (Author)
Unlimited loans, One at a time

Over thirty years ago, I began writing articles to send out as letters to the editor in a number of newspapers. As matters developed, a number of the articles were too long to be put on the editorial page and wound up nesting in my files. A few of the longer ones were published in magazines, but none of them yielded any money. That was okay by me because being a writer had been my desire from childhood. I had strong beliefs regarding various issues affecting my fellow man, and I continued to put to the pen hundreds of articles over a period of forty years. My main motive was to discuss a number of truths that people could benefit from by reading. The more truths a person has under his belt, the better off he or she is. My motive in writing these articles has been primarily altruistic because no money has been involved. I continued to write because doing so was therapeutic for me. I enjoy sharing my mind with anyone who loves to read.It is my hope that the articles published in this book will add positively to the mind-set of the reader. Although I quote the Bible in perhaps 60 percent of my articles, I do not mean for my writing to take the place of scripture. This book is not the kind that a person is likely to read straight through without a break. It usually takes time for helpful truths to be digested, but it is my hope that the words I pen will help the readers in their efforts to lead satisfactory lives. May the Lord Jesus be with your spirit.Donald R. James

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November 20, 2015
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