Let Life Live

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English and those transliterated and translated by the author from Urdu is his favorite language for using poetry as an apt mode of creative self-expression in the area of literary arts. Apart from their lyrical value, these verses on diverse subjects and themes carry the authors philosophic outlook that persistently puts his highly individualized experiences in the universal context, making him a modern-day rishi (seer) of far-reaching consequence. His lifes oeuvre is distinguished by its enormity of quantum, originality, sustained high quality, and amazing versatilityall couched in what he calls holistic humanism.

He insists that we humans must wean consciousness from money mindedness to moneyed mindedness as their own pathfinders to the realm of lifes spiritual realities.

This anthology has substantial material of diversity that will benefit the modern-day youth in getting rid of many illusions that cloud human wits and prevent us from seeing Gods most precious gift (the soul) lodged inside the eye-catching wrappings (body) that mislead us into blind alleys of maverick ambition. It is not unlikely that it will inspire some to discover their own native creativity and conscientiously develop it to its full potential.

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December 12, 2016
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