Enhancing Employability in Education

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The primary intention of this publication is to assess and describe the need for introducing vocational education with a little more seriousness than ever before and to suggest ideas for establishing a vocational university with a difference. The idea is also to summarize the present technical and vocational education scenario and its problems. I also intend to hint upon some recommendation for policies to be implemented at state level and suggest possible measures to make vocational courses more relevant to the need of the time.A comparative study has been attempted between regular vocational programs and social fairness and job reliability and its effect in building up the career of the present-generation youngsters.Ive also tried to focus on the initiatives, challenges, and the process of implementation of various projects and schemes undertaken by the government at different times in a bid to enhance employability. The objective is to explore into the output and its impact on the workforce plus the growth and development of the country.This book should form an interesting reading for those who are curious about an individuals potential strength and are engrossed in innovative projects particularly teachers, researchers, and administrators.

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11 settembre 2015
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