Zanoni - Apertura a Napoli

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Zanoni is a love story of a Great Soul, a Mahatma, bound by the seeds of duty and sacred obligations and human aspirations, long-suffering, forbearing self-interests for the greatness of the world at the crest of liberation. Yet even now, the backward pull into moral connections still binds him to his scars of karmic debtsdrawn from dormant untamed desires, tethered to the past, contrasting liberation.Zanoni, though master, is the same but from the other purpose and a greater endbound to Mejnour, both master/protector, brother and friend. Mejnour has the great power of self-control and is less deterred by the fragrance of these passions that are set against the desires of a cast of remarkable friends. All are bound by fate on the road to self-destruction and the cross of regeneration . . . weakened by the fateful politics . . . the Master of the Theaterroyal, rejected . . . turns to selfish love and lusts interest, which breaks traditions of decency with the powers of a king.Zanoni is a fictionalized work with historical interjections. If you are simply tired of the liberal silly dialogue, part 2 promises even more depth of detail. The true purposes tied to this fictional tale are vastboth for history and self-education. This is just the introduction of what may come to follow after this, if the time permits and the story continues, saved for another day to remember and to set the calendar by.

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September 30, 2015
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