The “New” Epidemic– Grading Practices

by Andre’ Mathews (Author)
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This book is a comprehensive view on the grading practices and policies in American public schools. The content of the book identifies the lack of alignment amongst the Federal, State, and Local Districts and the need to adopt a unified policy. Educational institutions are creating their own versions of grading systems that lack integrity, flawed in design, hinder many students from graduating and or achieving opportunities to become a more productive citizen after high school completion.

Section I:The structure of the book begins with a systemic view of development by identifying the philosophical and theoretical aspects involved in the grading system.

Section II: The authors work then transitions to the structure of the grading system addressing the mathematical aspects of calculating a students grade point average, to the teachers validity of grades.

Section III: This section identifies the parents role and need to understand the grade itself and its effect on the students overall outcome and class ranking.

Section IV: The book ends with a strong analysis of the system, parental rights, examples of educational disasters, and schools quest for new grading systems.

All in all, this book takes a journey throughout the entire educational system identifying a need for change on all levels as it relates to the grading system. The overall message emphasizes the parents need to be cognizant of the importance of being involved and properly motivating, mentoring, monitoring, modeling, and managing their childs educational careers. All stakeholders should walk away with a sense of ownership to the problem and an understanding that the time for change is now.

The ethnic margin is widening and too many students are graduating unmarketable.

A grade is more than a number its a quality of life!

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March 16, 2016
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