Creative Reading

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We are slowly losing the art and the science of creative reading. We must learn how to use what we have read. In Creative Reading, author Dr. Pravin Bhatia offers a dialogue about creative reading and how to make reading inspired and intelligent.

Bhatia shows how reading without reflecting is like eating without digesting and suggests we read too much and too randomly to be truly wise. That is why the multitude of books is making us ignorant. The truth is, most of us read poorly and without knowing why we are reading.
With a focus on God and the scriptures, Bhatia maintains that reading should improve our lives.

Creative Reading discusses the importance of creativity and intelligence. Creativity involves use of imagination and good ideas, which should be repeatedly employed to choose what we read. Bhatia shares how the books we read should serve our purpose. Reading must excite us to self-activity. It should help us to upgrade our minds and character.

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April 28, 2017
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