Management and Governance in Higher Technical Institution

by Tarkeshwar Kumar (Author)
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From the pages of this book:

Demands, expectations and responsibilities of youth in the present day scenario

Education has become an open secret. The learner expresses the right to acquire knowledge as she or he feels that the facility has been created by the Government for her or him to graduate with necessary knowledge and skill. In this process there are confrontations in the campus, arguments with endless people in the society, without understanding the consequences of the actions. Although the students expectations are correct and there should be proper arrangement for education as per the need, the situation is slightly different today. The youth in the process of demand, also extends the legitimate limit of expectation. While their right is justifiable, they sometimes forget their duty to respect law, respect the society, other people, teachers, staff, failing which they cannot be moulded as responsible citizens. Most important thing in life is not the achievement of worldly possessions but being a good person with good value system. High moral value, integrity, respect for elders and fellow feelings to colleagues and friends are the cardinal principles of life in eternity.

Infrastructural facilities for efficient functioning of the institute

Clean and beautiful campus is the desire of every one. I used to hear about shining campus. The Institute with academic infrastructure like Department building, auditorium, play grounds, playing courts for Tennis, Volleyball, Basket Ball, cricket pitch, open air theatre, hospital, canteen, food courts, corner shops for stationery, tea / coffee, internet caf, etc., make campus life vibrant. Hence beautiful and attractive ambience of all these facilities put high level of confidence into the residents particularly students who are the main stake holders. Their residential areas with hostels, coffee / tea stalls, messes, parks, walk ways, gymnasium, indoor games, viz. table tennis, volley ball, badminton courts are the star attractions. Other residents of the campus who are equally important stake holders are faculty and staff members who deserve even better facilities because of their long term stay in the campus where their family members grow from one s tage of life to another. Their children spend best part of their life in the streets of the campus. Therefore, their housing facilities, their recreational centres like clubs, play field, banking, post office, shopping complexes make their life exciting and even interesting which in turn give them necessary energy to given their best for the overall progress and functioning of the institute.

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