If You Want to Write

by Brenda Ueland (Author)
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Originally published in 1938, this classic by Brenda Ueland is considered by many to be one of the best books ever written on how to be a writer. Part a lesson on writing and part a philosophy on life, Ueland believed that anyone could be a writer and everyone had something important to say. Heavily influenced by the ideas of William Blake, Ueland outlines 12 points to keep in mind while writing and encourages writers to find their true, authentic selves and write from there. Born in Minneapolis in 1891 to a progressive household, Ueland?s father was a lawyer and judge and her mother a suffragette and the first president of the Minnesota League of Women Voters. After graduating from college, Ueland worked as a writer and journalist and became a staunch feminist and an animal right?s activist. Drawing upon these experiences, Ueland began teaching writing in 1934 and encouraged both her students and her readers to find their authentic selves and pursue their passion. Modern students of writing will find much to inspire and guide them in these pages.

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September 27, 2018
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