Becoming a Better Science Teacher

di Elizabeth Hammerman (Autore)
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In today’s standards-based educational climate, teachers are challenged to create meaningful learning experiences while meeting specific goals and accountability targets. In her essential new book, Elizabeth Hammerman brings more than 20 years as a science educator and consultant to help teachers connect all of the critical elements of first-rate curriculum and instruction.

With this simple, straight-on guide, teachers can analyze their existing curriculum and instruction against a rubric of indicators of critical characteristics, related standards, concept development, and teaching strategies to develop students’ scientific literacy at the highest levels. Every chapter is packed with charts, sample lesson ideas, reflection and discussion prompts, and more, to help teachers expand their capacity for success.

Hammerman describes what exceptional teaching looks like in the classroom and provides practical, teacher-friendly strategies to make it happen. This research-based resource will help teachers:
Reinforce understanding of standards-based concepts and inquiry
Add new content, methods, and strategies for instruction and assessment
Create rich learning environments
Maximize instructional time
Ask probing questions and sharpen discussion
Include technology
Gather classroom evidence of student achievement to inform instruction

Through a new, clear vision for high quality science teaching, this book gives teachers everything they need to deliver meaningful science instruction and ensure student success and achievement.

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22 marzo 2016
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