Coriolanus by William Shakespeare (Book Analysis)

Coriolanus by William Shakespeare (Book Analysis)

by Bright Summaries (Author)
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This engaging summary presents an analysis of Coriolanus by William Shakespeare, a historical play set in the Roman Republic. The play centres on the titular character of Coriolanus, a well-respected general whose pride in his own military genius and aristocratic background has fostered in him a deep disdain for the common people. This pride leads to his downfall: when Coriolanus launches into an ill-considered tirade against the plebeians while running for consul, the crowd turns violently against him and he is exiled from Rome. Hell-bent on revenge, Coriolanus forms a temporary alliance with his former nemesis, the Volscian general Aufidius, and turns the full might of his fury towards the city he once called home. Coriolanus is a lesser-known play by William Shakespeare, who is widely considered to be one of the most influential writers in the history of the English language.

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April 08, 2019
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