Trusting the Word and Nothing Else at All

by Perry Toso (Author)
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Preaching is as dangerous and as exhilarating as careening down some class IV rapids. It is dangerous because in the Old Testament, God prescribed the death penalty for preaching one's own opinion when called to speak God's Word. The pulpit is no casual or safe place! But preaching is also exhilarating because God places his creative, life-giving word right into your mouth. And though you don't know what will happen next, something that God appointed will definitely happen when you, the preacher, say what God authorizes you to say.This book is the result of over thirty years of wrestling with God's word. It expresses some of my astonishment over how faithfully God acts through preaching that word.Preaching is God's business. Mostly the preacher needs to get out of the way and let God do the talking. When that is the case, your hearers will tell you about it, and you will be less likely to miscarry in some of the myriad ways listed in this book.Hopefully, Luther's design for the way preachers bring that life-giving word of promise will encourage and promote and, once again, bring the same world-changing power that was let loose in the Reformation.

Roy A. Harrisville (Introduction author)
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November 15, 2018
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