The Global Classroom

by Lily Jones (Author)
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Behind the Scenes of a Revolution in Education

In 2013, Cindy Mi, a high school dropout turned English teacher, founded VIPKid with an innovative vision for education: facilitating personalized, one-on-one sessions with students and tutors from around the world. Six years later, her brainchild boasts a multibillion valuation and connects approximately 100,000 teachers and over 700,000 students worldwide. Thisis the story of a revolution in education.

The Global Classroom takes readers inside the startup’s history, educational innovation, and unprecedented success. With a foreword from Mi, the book takes a deep dive into a new educational model and investigates how the company’s platform has diversified to serve the needs of students from countries across the globe. Readers will hear from VIPKid’s executives, teachers, students, and parents as they discuss the company’s values, its tangible success, and its impact on their lives.

The Global Classroom is an inside look at the model for education in the 21st century and beyond.

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Jun Liu (Introduction author), Kai-Fu Lee (Collaborator), Cindy Mi (Commentator)
Publication date
January 05, 2021
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